Systems for
the management
of purchase orders

Options and auxiliary elements


Depending on the quality, quantity and length of the material to be stored; the movement rate of the material and the characteristics of the client’s facilities, UPMOVIOM proposes different storage solutions to facilitate its process.

Support external support

The external SUPPORT

The external support is a stand or support trolley so that a single operator can handle the material to introduce it and remove it from the corresponding storage location quickly and completely safely. It is placed in front of the selected column of storage locations, and has a crossbar that is placed at the same height as the chosen location. It moves with wheels, which are secured on the ground as soon as we put weight on it, for total safety and control.


Introduction of complete bundles

With one-hooked crane bridge (with a double hook crane bridge the external support trolley is not necessary), we introduce the bundle in the selected storage location, between 50 cm and one meter inside the storage location. We place the external support on the other end of the bundle, and lower the bundle, so that it lies with total security in those 2 points. We replace the straps or chain of the bridge-crane to the front of the bundle and, when lifting, the external support is already released. We start moving the bundle inwards. Thanks to the sliding system, the bundle is introduced smoothly, effortlessly, with total safety (in the traditional cantilever system, lateral movement has a risk that with the UPMOVIOM system we eliminate completely) and without the material being dragged or damaged.

Package extraction
Extraction of whole bundles

Same operation, but in reverse. The material is taken with the bridge crane and lifting it slightly from the outer part, we begin to extract it, safely and gently. When approximately 1 meter remains inside the storage location, we rest the tip on the external support trolley. Once the bundle rests safely, we release the chain and take the bundle from the central part and take it where necessary.

Stair exterior

External support LADDER
with platform

When the lower part of the upper row of storage locations is over two meters high, the operator can no longer place the slings around the material while standing on the ground. To perform such operation, and take advantage of the space of the UPMOVIOM storage system in height, it is recommended to use a small external support ladder with platform formed by a ladder that rises a meter and a half above the ground and ends in a base of 2 × 1 with safety fences, so that the worker can operate safely and with the handling time not being essentially affected.

Electric WAGON

Platform that moves on rails parallel to the UPMOVIOM storage system. At the same time that the material is extracted, we leave it on a platform conveniently placed in front. The worker can move the platform, and as he prepares the orders, leaves them on the platform, which he will move as he changes position, to avoid unnecessary continuous displacements. The platform is prepared to allow orders to be taken from any height, and with gaps that allow easy handling of the material afterwards with the crane. This platform has a load capacity between 3 and 10 tons. And it can be integrated with a touchscreen where the information of the orders to be prepared is received directly from the offices. It can also include a label printer to identify each order and complete it without the need of any further process. With the Electric Wagon, the number of material movements with the crane decreases dramatically, allowing orders to be prepared directly on site from the position in which we are, and to unload it once many material orders have been prepared.
Advantages: Optimizes the time required for order preparation, and liberates the crane bridge of the hall.

Hydraulic platform


With the same principle of the electric wagon, the Hydraulic Platform also allows it to be located in front of the materials to be collected and, in this case, also to raise the worktable at the height of the material to be prepared. In this way, it allows us to increase the storage height up to 4m, and permits material handling in a simple and safe way. The standard model has a storage capacity of up to 5 tons and allows to prepare up to 5 orders at the same time. Under demand, the load capacity of the same can be increased to 10 tons. It can also be equipped with a communication computer with the customer’s ERP and a label printer.


Electric PLATFORM with crane

Based on the Hydraulic Platform, we propose as an advanced and higher performance solution the Electric Platform with integrated crane. With this Platform, the preparation of orders can be carried out completely independently without the need of a bridge crane. This platform incorporates its own bridge-crane with 2 hoists of 3 tons capacity each, allowing the preparation of 6 orders at the same time. The operation of the entire warehouse and the complete preparation of orders, are performed from the platform by a single operator with total safety, speed and reliability. The Platform has a loading capacity of 7 tons, and it also has an integrated touchscreen, printing and identification system with labels, traceability control and connection to the ERP.

Hydraulic table

of automatic positioning

When the materials to be handled are very heavy, UPMOVIOM proposes the automatic positioning table as a storage and preparation solution. This Table is automatically positioned in front of the selected storage location, and allows the entire bundle to be extracted by a roller system installed on the table. Once we have the whole bundle on the Worktable, the desired number of bars is selected and taken by a crane bridge with magnets, returning the rest of the bundle inside its storage location.

Crane on the storage blocks

Storage locations racks with
their own CRANE SYSTEM

For those warehouses that do not have a crane bridge, the solution we offer is the crane storage system mounted on top of the storage locations rack. With this system, we have the advantages of having a crane in a warehouse that does not have it. This system can be placed for materials at 3m and 6m in length. The crane system is installed between two blocks of storage locations on rails manufactured ad hoc. As an option, you can also install the crane on the storage location on one side, and make a small auxiliary structure on the opposite side, when instead of two blocks of facing storage locations, we have one single block.



Handling material in the UPMOVIOM storage location system using a forklift is also a solution for certain warehouses. This is possible by making a small adaptation to the storage location system, to allow such handling by truck. In these cases, the storage location guides are lengthened so that the internal sliding support comes out of the storage location structure and thus allows positioning with the truck just in front of where the material is to be stored. In this way, we can position the bundle on said internal support and, on the other end of the bundle, on the external support trolley. The bundle is left on both places, and then the truck is moved to the front to finish its introduction.

Apilador eléctrico

Electric Stacker

With the Adapted Electric Stacker the bundles of material can be directly extracted from its storage locations, and the material is separated on the stacker itself to later pick them up with the crane.

It is an economical and optimal solution for warehouses that have a very high order turnover, since while a worker is introducing and taking out packages, and separating the material to prepare the purchase orders, a second worker can use the crane exclusively to move that material already prepared, selecting it to clients, take it to the dispatch area or take it to the next phase of the process. A much higher crane availability is achieved.