Project 16

Double storage system for long profiles of 6 and 12 meters in length, placed in front of each other, the two storage systems with upper storage.

  • Number of references: Structure 1 (30 Medium references + 12 Small references + 21 Upper warehouse references), Structure 2 (30 Medium references + 12 Small references + 21 Upper warehouse references).
  • System dimensions (length x height x width): Structure 1 (5.5×3.5×10.9) meters, Structure 2 (5.4×3.5×6.7) meters.
  • Storage location dimensions: Medium (565×425) mm + Small (465×425) mm.
  • Load capacity per storage location: 3 and 6 tons
  • Total capacity: 500 ton.
Doble sistema de almacenamiento de perfiles largos

Other proyects

Lateral extraction system (Cantilever) whose extraction from different levels is done automatically. To store material 12m long.
Storage system designed to stock trapezoidal sheet, mini-wave sheet, Pegasus sheet and different types of panels.
Combined storage system, with removable trays at the bottom, and a fixed system forloading with a forklift at the top.
Motorized storage system for automatic extraction. Recommended to store packages of 5000 kg.