upmoviom System


STORAGE systems


A secure, durable and stable storage system that allows you to store your goods in a compact and flexible way, protecting it from external damage. The complete system facilitates the preparation of orders, obtaining greater efficiency in time and safety for the operators.

Front storage of long products

The only system on the market in which material handling is carried out frontally. completely safe, fast, reliable and easy to use.

Storage of metal sheets

Storage of your sheets in a small space, in an orderly manner and with easy access for handling. Made to measure for your needs.

Side extraction storage system

Specially designed to solve the problem of storage of leftover bars and delicate materials that require a special space.

Purchase management program

Our application allows you to directly manage all the information for the preparation of orders and connects quickly with the customer’s ERP.

Order picking systems

Depending on the quality, quantity and length of the materials and the rotation and characteristics of the facilities, we offer you different solutions for your storage.

Connection with cutting saws

Our system allows you to configure the unloading of the platform with a crane, adding a chain and roller system to the unloading area, automatically feeding a cutting saw.


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