Combined system for sheets

Combined storage system, with removable trays at the bottom, and a fixed system forloading with a forklift at the top.

  • Sheet dimensions: 2500×1500
  • Number of trays per system: 20 trays (10 inferior deslizante y 10 superior fijos).
  • System height: 4.55 m.
  • Load capacity per tray: 1000 kg.

Other proyects

System prepared to introduce and extract 6 metres material by means of an electric stacker.
System with upper storage prepared to store material of up to 12 meters transversally.
System with combined upper storage (tramex + tread sheet), to be able to store both containers / pallets with pieces.
Ideal automatic storage system for tools. The system comes with a robotic arm with its software for automatic extraction and docking.