3 debris box for storing full bars and rod debris, debris box 1 is placed on one side of a profile box and the other two debris boxes are placed one next to the other.

  • Number of trays per rack: 10 trays.
  • Tray dimensions (length x height x width): box 1 remains (7.4x3x1.9) meters, box 2 remains: (7.9x3x1.9) meters and box 3 remains: (7.1x3x1.9) meters.
  • Dimensions of the tray (length x height x width): remains box 1 (7×0.25×0.8) meters, remains box 2 (7.5×0.25.25×0.8) meters and remains box 3 (6.7×0.25×0.8) meters.
  • Loading capacity per tray: 3 tonnes.
Tres casillero de restos para almacenamiento

Other proyects

Storage system for steel long profiles (3-5 Ton).
Storage system for Long profiles for steel (3 Ton) with hydraulic platform.
Storage system for long profiles, includes trays for all storage locations, trays with a material separator and others with double material separator. Storage locations with one U-support (load capacity 3 T) and others with double U-support (load capacity 5 T). Storage system with upper warehouse.
Storage system for long profiles, includes trays for small diameter profiles, upper warehouse with material separating bars.